Think Big!

When I started 10,000 Beds, I had no idea it would become a national force within the addiction treatment industry for people who were seeking help but have no resources.

I THOUGHT it could be helpful to many, I believed it would be a life-changing tool for many, but I really didn't THINK BIG enough to recognize the widespread impact we would have.

10,000 Beds has changed my life. Yes, it's mission is to help change the lives of people struggling with addiction, and thankfully, we have successfully stayed focused on our mission, but the by-product is the change in our lives.

When helping others and setting aside your own challenges to do so, life suddenly brightens. Opportunities come your way that you never dreamed of, people cross your path whom you never expected, and things happen for good outside of, but as a result of, your efforts.

It's the ripple effect in action, starting with you (me). And I am grateful.

Never underestimate what one small effort might become in your life or in someone else's life.

What you do matters.

Jean Krisle is a motivational keynote speaker and founder/CEO of 10,000Beds, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The mission of 10,000 Beds is to connect those seeking help for addiction to those who are willing to help through donated addiction treatment scholarships from vetted treatment programs throughout the United States.

Jean’s goal is to provide inspiration and instruction to individuals, leaders, teams and organizations.

Jean comes from a place of gratitude and donates a portion of her speaking fees to the work and mission of 10,000 Beds. 

You can reach Jean at

You can also support the life-changing mission of 10,000 Beds by making a contribution at 


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