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Conference Keynotes

Jean Krisle's personal mission to help find opportunity in the midst of trials or failure, comes from a deep-seated belief that success develops following wisdom gained from the mistakes and challenges of the past. She lives and breathes the desire to always look for opportunity and value, and build on it.



In both personal and corporate roles, Jean has experienced failure, challenges, success and opportunity. She (like her audiences) can look back on missed opportunities she failed to see or build upon, but she has learned to also recognize and celebrate the success she has built from tiny seeds of opportunity following a disappointment.




Jean Krisle inspires excellence in individuals and corporations, working one-on-one or with teams.  She shares keys to success in both personal and professional realms. Jean works with clients to help find their undiscovered or unrecognized value, and create balance and joy in their culture and lives.

You Matter. They Matter.

Over the course of her life and throughout her career, Jean has felt moments of despair, a lack of confidence, and the overwhelming fear of failure. As she travels the world as a speaker, nearly every where she goes she meets individuals who are experiencing those same emotions. Jean's presentations always include a segment to help individuals "find their value." The bottom line: we all matter and we all have value, no matter what our experience in life - good or bad. Sometimes we just need someone to help us recognize it.

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Where In the World is Jeannie B?

This question is a joke with Jean's kids, they are never certain where in the world she is on a given day. Jean, and her husband Hal, make their home in Cedar City, UT, but for more than half the year, they are criss crossing the nation - and the world - for Jean's presentations and coaching, along with the 10,000 Beds #ontheroad4recovery outreach!

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