“Jean is magnetic, funny, and motivating. She skillfully draws in her audience, and then with no apologies, masterfully drives home the expert points that will help them meet their current challenges, improve their performance, and achieve their goals.

Before her presentation with Kroger Women’s Leadership, she worked closely with the event team to determine exactly what our goals were and what the audience needed.

I highly recommend Jean as a speaker to any organization seeking to improve communication, strengthen teams, trigger optimism, identify and empower leaders, and inspire excellence.”

Amy Petersen Hill

Division Manager, Kroger


“When a warm personality is needed, we want Jean there.”

Brad Lips

CEO, Atlas Network

Washington DC


“I’ve never seen anyone with Jean’s ability to smile and put someone squarely in their place, and then get a smile back as if the person had received a compliment.”

Dan Corcoran

Principal, CAPRE



“You have to know that while there are many, many wonderful people in the world, you are in a unique class of people who shine a little more and stand out a little more. I could listen to you for hours .”

Janice Schwarz

Founder, Pachyonychia Congenita Project



“How do you do that? You’re such a natural!”

Jane Shaw

CEO, The Pope Center

North Carolina



“No one but you should be telling your story. You're inspiring and will change lives.”

James Gibson

Co-Founder, Elevated Billing Solutions


“Finally, I am back in NY and able to send a proper thank you. Your sessions were much appreciated and well thought out….I can tell you that everyone liked them and you! Let’s stay in touch. It is always great to meet accomplished professionals!!”

Susan Bender

Senior Vice President/Chief Development Officer, National JCC Association


“Jean, you were absolutely amazing! The Junior Civitans, parents, and guests all enjoyed your inspiring speech at our convention. We all learned so much from you, thank you so much! May God bless you and thank you again!"

Liz Borders

West Florida District Chair, Junior Civitans


“On behalf of the planning committee for the 7th Annual UCAT Leadership conference…thank you! We had great feedback on your presentation…here are a few examples: ‘All UCAT employees should hear this presentation’, ‘Can we have her back again?’, ‘Wonderful topic! Excellent presenter!’, ‘Fun personality!’, ‘She should come work for us!’…. we hope to have you participate again!”

Debbie Lamoreaux

Event Planner, Utah College of Applied Technology


“Jean, you are so dynamic! And you seem so natural and at ease at the podium. How do you do that? I enjoyed your presentation from start to finish, especially the takeaways that I can start using immediately. Thank you for sharing your experiences, wisdom and expertise with our organization.”

Therese J. Milad

Founding Partner, CFP, Planning Pathways


“It’s been a long time since I learned something really new at a conference but today your words made me think about my responsibilities from a new perspective. Thank you for reminding me of who I am and why I am where I am.”

George Bennetan

Attendee, State Farm Insurance Co.