Have you ever peeked through a pair of binoculars? I have. I typically start with a specific focus, but then find myself looking at all kinds of things. Although binoculars are designed to help us focus, they also give us the opportunity to explore random sights we might never have seen otherwise.

The same can be said for trials. When in the middle of a trial, we are typically focused on one thing, but as we struggle through it, we find ourselves thinking a myriad of random thoughts. They may be spot on, or way off the mark. Either way, just like binoculars, challenges and trials provide the opportunity to closely examine things we might not have otherwise.

The truth is, life’s challenges sharpen our vision, if we let them. We examine our priorities, analyze our strengths and weaknesses, prioritize our wants and needs, and reaffirm (or not) relationships, both personal and professional.

Challenges are part of life. The next time you’re in the midst of one, you might ask yourself, “Whatcha lookin’ for?” – and then give that question some thought, the answer might surprise you.

Are you looking to blame, or looking to learn? Are you taking a step back, or choosing to move forward?

Whatcha’ lookin’ for when you are facing a challenge? In the workplace, in your relationships. The answer could change your career, your life, your relationship.

So the next time you’re using binoculars to focus in on something, take a minute to look further and explore new things.


Jean Krisle is the CEO/Founder of 10,000 Beds, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the mission of recovery. She is currently #OnTheRoad4Recovery, traveling the US to elevate awareness, change perceptions around addiction and recovery, and connect with people affected by addiction. Jean speaks to teams to inspire success after change, whether it’s recovery from addiction, a personal loss, or a new challenge. Her message is about looking for and finding opportunity in the midst of challenges. She also speaks to CEOs to inspire vision, collaboration and stronger leadership for greater success.You can connect with Jean at the 2017 ETHOS conferences in Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia and New Orleans. Or you can reach her at jean@10000beds.org. You can also support 10,000 Beds by making a contribution today to help provide scholarships for those without resources seeking help for addiction.