Gratitude Makes The World Go Round

I am grateful. I suppose I could end this post here but that would be rather stingy of me, wouldn't it.

Gratitude is something we sometimes have to learn. It doesn't come naturally to everyone.

It should, but it doesn't.

Have you ever met an entitled person? Someone who seems to believe that they deserve everything, without effort....just because.

Let's be honest. We all know someone like this. And I bet we can all agree that this type of person makes us uncomfortable. They don't make sense!

I am grateful for gratitude. Yes, that's a silly statement, but I am.

Gratitude keeps me in my place. I know that I am no better and actually, nothing without, the people I associate with, the support I receive, the God I revere.

Imagine what our world would be like if we all exemplified a grateful soul.

Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Returning kindness sets people apart...a good example is the holidays, when neighbor gifts show up on your porch and you quickly create a small gift bag for the giver, in return for their kindness. I heart neighbor gifts.

This year we received everything from a bottle of JOY detergent to yummy treats to a box of KLEENEX, with appropriate messages! It was so fun!

And for most of our friends, we already had a gift ready for them, but for a few of our new friends we quickly created a fun little gift and took it to their house. Why? Because we were grateful they thought of us.

Gratitude changes lives. It changes the culture of a company, the attitude in a nonprofit organization, the countenance of a person.

Gratitude makes the world go round. Let's make sure we jump on that bandwagon!

Practice gratitude and see how it changes your day and your life.

Jean Krisle is a motivational keynote speaker and founder/CEO of 10,000Beds, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The mission of 10,000 Beds is to connect those seeking help for addiction to those who are willing to help through donated addiction treatment scholarships from vetted treatment programs throughout the United States.

Jean’s goal is to provide inspiration and instruction to individuals, leaders, teams and organizations.

Jean comes from a place of gratitude and donates a portion of her speaking fees to the work and mission of 10,000 Beds. 

You can reach Jean at

You can also support the life-changing mission of 10,000 Beds by making a contribution at 

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