Good morning!

Good morning! And I really mean, GOOD morning!

My mornings are now protected. It's me time. No alarm, just my inner alarm. Time to meditate, to pray, to study, to work out, to get ready for the day, to enjoy a healthy breakfast. It's pretty awesome after a lifetime of lost mornings.

How important are mornings? Everyone has their own take. For most of my life I have hated mornings. I despise an alarm. And I hate being woken up by anyone. Other than that, mornings for the past half century have been awesome!

But mornings are actually pretty amazing. It's quiet outside. You can make morning's cozy in the winter and temperate in the summer. There's a sense of calm and peace, as if all is right in the world...unless you turn on the TV. So, don't turn on the TV.

Mornings should be YOUR time. They are now definitely MY time. I treasure them.

At night, I quickly check to make certain my scriptures, my book, my notepad and pen are all at the ready in my cozy morning area.

And I really mean GOOD morning!

When I wake up I hit the Keurig and then settle in, with myself. I love my husband, but he's not welcome. This is, again, ME time.

And then I read, and think, and ponder, and study, and meditate, and look outside at the beauty that is there. I know, it sounds a bit pollyannish, but it's true. This is my new morning, and I love it.

Here are a few things I've noticed since creating My Morning's.

  1. It's hard to stay up late. Actually, I don't want to stay up late, because I want to get up in the morning and enjoy that time. Sleep is a critical factor in overall health, and now mornings are a critical factor in my days, so going to bed at a reasonable hour is easy. After all, I can DVR all the late night shows!
  2. It clears your mind.  I've never been a linear thinker. I am scatter-brained and all over the place. When I talk, I am ready to start a new topic before the sentence addressing the old topic has left my lips. My brain works too fast...not always smart, but fast. And so these morning moments of thought, meditation, contemplation make a real difference. They provide the time to empty your mind of unimportant details, to un-clutter your thoughts, to quietly outline your day and to enjoy the peaceful practice of just being. I have found clarity in my life from these moments.
  3. Your morning drink is a delight. Whether it's tea or coffee, there is something very relaxing about taking your favorite mug to the couch and curling up to read. Call me silly, but I find it magical.
  4. The colors of the rainbow. Morning skies are incredible. The light changes so quickly, it seems as if the sun rises slowly but at the same time at a rapid speed. I have experienced tears of joy from the sheer beauty of the morning. There is nothing more beautiful than an early morning sunrise...and to think, for all these years I thought sunsets were the best!
  5. Movement is the best start to the day. I'm not a good exerciser. I can never find the time. If I wait too long, I miss out. If I try too early, well, you know how I feel about early morning alarms. So this wonderful routine of morning just for me makes exercise easy. I can do it whenever I want in my morning block of ME time. And I do! And I find myself energized for the day, which is an added bonus, with no guilt for missing yet another workout.

And then, after all of this, after I am calm, let the craziness begin! And it does. But I can get through it, because tomorrow's ME time again.

Jean Krisle is the Founder & Executive Director of 10,000 Beds, Inc, a national 501c3 non-profit organization connecting individuals battling a substance use disorder with vetted addiction/recovery programs through treatment scholarships. A nationally certified recovery coach, life coach and motivational keynote speaker, Jean helps organizations and individuals discover, develop and cultivate powerful leaders, goal-driven teams, and mindful individuals.

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