It’s all a huge puzzle. Each marketing piece connects to another and when one is missing, the corporate puzzle is not what it should be. For instance:

  • Ethical marketing is critical to corporate character.
  • Corporate character is critical to a sustainable brand.
  • A sustainable brand is critical to profits.
  • Profits are critical to longevity.

C.S. Lewis said, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” Corporate character is similar. A gorgeous logo and catchy slogan are not true indicators of corporate character. The inner workings of a company determine their corporate character. And for the most part, consumers can’t see what’s going on inside.

Having said that, consumers are very savvy. The customer experience is a reality and a company’s consideration of every customer and employee touch is noticeable through attitudes, follow through, attention and more. Every decision a company makes should be bounced against the wall of customer experience. This includes all exterior efforts to market a product or service, along with interior actions that determine employee brand loyalty and performance.

Some companies operate on ethical principals organically, it’s in their DNA. For this to happen, there must be commitment at the top. When management behavior is based on genuine conviction, that conviction trickles down creating a greater likelihood of commitment, internal loyalty, and consistent ethical behaviors across all stakeholders, leading to a sustainable brand and longevity. Today’s consumer seeks out evidence of corporate responsibility: fair employment practices, sustainable materials, environmental stewardship, and charitable donations. And once found, consumers are loyal to to companies with a strong sense of corporate character.

Companies with ethical practices, clear messaging and a strong corporate character are winners in the eyes of consumers, which translates to winning when it comes to their bottom line.