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Jean Krisle is a powerful speaker with a focus on leadership and communication, and specifically on POSSIBILITY - that anything is possible, and how vision, planning and follow through are critical to success. She emphasizes the importance of self-assessment, positivity, resilience, and forward movement to create change [Exceleration].

A leader of leaders, Jean has experienced both failure and success, and understands the critical role of ATTITUDE in both.

Once referred to as "the person we want involved when a positive attitude is needed", Jean has been a motivational keynote speaker and trainer for more than a decade, affecting thousands of participants.

Jean helps leaders and organizations EXCELERATE their path to success, whether there's a need to rebound from challenge, rejuvenate energy, evaluate reality, create positivity, or move forward strategically.

Jean's expertise in high-risk behaviors and how they affect personal performance, corporate climate, and employee retention, is an added bonus and comes from experiences both professional and personal, ongoing training, and multiple leadership roles in small business and corporate America.

From association conferences, leadership training, classrooms, corporate retreats, and industry symposiums TO places of worship, 1:1 coaching sessions, women's retreats, and positivity workshops, Jean's message is delivered through the voice of experience, with humorous anecdotes, compassionate gratitude, expert knowledge, & her uncanny ability for audience connection. When concluding, Jean always offers a call to action, providing her audience with a solid take-away to implement immediately.

As the mother of six children and five stepchildren, Jean has experienced the highs and lows of balancing a career with family life. She can relate to the unique challenges that can only be managed through LIFE BALANCE and COMMUNICATION.

An expert panelist, National Speakers Association member, influencer in the world of recovery, and soon-to-be published author, Jean has been featured in Cosmopolitan, ABC, Forbes.com, and more.

Recognized nationally for her unparalleled efforts to provide addiction treatment scholarships to those without resources, Jean inspires through her innate leadership skills and creative vision of what CAN be done in spite of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Jean's passion for making a difference has taken her not only across the country, but also across the world, where she has been privileged to provide inspiration for a wide range of audiences.

Jean has been described as mindful, optimistic, visionary, purpose-driven, charismatic, powerful, dynamic, and approachable; she is at home on the stage as she is sitting with her audience. As much as she loves the stage, it's often before and after her presentations that some of Jean’s favorite moments happen - those few minutes she is really WITH her audience. This informal time allows Jean to say a personal hello and get to know her new friends. Following an event, Jean's audiences also have the opportunity to stay connected through a private Facebook page for continuing support.

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