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About Jean

Jean Krisle, is the Founder of 10,000 Beds, Inc. (10000beds.org), a 501c3 nonprofit organization that has awarded millions of dollars in addiction treatment scholarships since 2015.

Mindful, purpose-driven, and powerful, Jean is a sought after speaker, and a nationally certified recovery coach and life coach.

Jean's transformational consultations and presentations combine the wisdom and empathy of experience and training with the reality of today's 21st century challenges.

Jean is at home on the stage, excited each time she speaks to provide value and motivation to her audience. But as much as she loves the stage, it's often before and after her presentations that some of her favorite moments happen. This informal time allows Jean to say hello to her audience personally. Jean's audiences also have the opportunity to stay connected through a private Facebook page for continuing support.

An approachable, friendly person, Jean is also the ultimate professional. She delivers, and gives her audiences and clients tools to help them discover their own value, improve productivity, create balance in their lives, remember to laugh, be mindful, and lead more powerfully. Book Jean today!

MORE ABOUT JEAN! In 2014, with the support and encouragement of industry leaders and colleagues, Jean Krisle launched 10,000 Beds from an innovative and life-giving concept to the successful reality of today: a respected nationwide 501c3 non-profit organization with a unique model providing addiction treatment scholarships to hundreds of individuals annually through partnerships with recovery programs throughout the country.

Grateful today for a son in recovery from a substance use disorder, Jean's passion to help others is an inspiration. And her leadership abilities in the fast-paced 21st century world of the ever-changing addiction industry are proven.

10,000 Beds was created as a much-needed solution to what Jean recognized as a critical equation: how to connect addicts who need help but have no resources to treatment programs with empty beds.

Partnering with vetted treatment programs throughout the United States (40+ states as of January 2018), 10,000 Beds connects individuals seeking help for addiction to vetted treatment programs.

BOOK JEAN TODAY! Jean's ability to connect and inspire has taken her around the world, across the nation, into communities, schools, churches, conferences, universities, and even a few dark alleys. A self-proclaimed "gypsy at heart", Jean travels most of the year to help individuals discover their purpose and recognize their own value, to help organizations develop and refine their leaders, and to share her inspiring message of empowerment, discovery, mindfulness, resiliency, and success.