About Jean

“Failure is a common denominator of the human experience. My goal is to make success the more common, common denominator.” – Jean Krisle

Jean Krisle will help YOU recognize opportunity in your challenges and create a plan for success.

Enjoying a relatively calm life as a semi-retired executive, and popular consultant and speaker in 2013, Jean’s future changed dramatically in one split-second of inspiration as she was driving south on I-405 in Southern California.

In that split-second, Jean recognized an opportunity, drafted a solution, connected the dots, and birthed her 8th child – 10,000 Beds. (Jean & her husband, Hal are a combined family of 11 children and 20 grandchildren – to date).

After two years of building her organization from the ground up, she ultimately sold her home to hit the road (as reported by Forbes) and left her family and friends behind to lead the 501c3 nonprofit- 10,000 Beds– on a nationwide campaign to change perceptions around addiction & recovery, and create partnerships with treatment programs to provide scholarship opportunities to those without resources seeking help for addiction.

Under Jean’s leadership,10,000 Beds has grown to become a nationally recognized force for change in the substance abuse, treatment and recovery industry, awarding more than $2M in scholarships in its first two years of operation through the unique model of partnering with treatment programs nationwide for donated scholarships. Noted for ethical practices, a commitment to excellence and a true philanthropic spirit, 10,000 Beds (and Jean) has been featured by ABC, Forbes, nearly every industry periodical, and many more media outlets.

Dedicating much of 2017 and 2018 to the 10,000 Beds #ontheroad4recovery outreach program, Jean and her husband are traveling the nation while living full-time in a 40-foot logo-wrapped RV. “Big Blue” as Jean fondly calls her home on wheels, is her office, residence, and safe haven, but if you’d asked her 3 months before she sold her home if she would ever live in an RV, she would have laughed outright.

How can a person go from ZERO to CEO on the seemingly unsure foundation of a split second’s thought? It can happen. It does happen. The question is, are you prepared for when it does? We all have these moments, but many of us just let them pass by. Or we are mired in challenges we haven’t yet bounced back from. It’s time to put those road blocks behind us, to find opportunity in our challenges, and find success.

From ZERO to CEO in 60 is Jean’s personal story. It will inspire you and your team.

With content that will ignite new ways of thinking and doing, Jean’s ability to reach her audiences on a personal level is one reason she’s often invited back.

Attendees leave Jean’s presentations with new information, new energy, and new motivation to be the very best version of themselves, personally and professionally. They recognize that sometimes life really does turn on a dime, in one split second; and they are more prepared for when that moment comes.

What will YOU do with YOUR split-second thought? How can you find opportunity in your challenges and failures?

In the corporate world, Jean inspires excellence with her authentic voice on three key topics: leadership, collaboration & vision (finding opportunity!). Within these presentations audiences will be inspired through Jean’s expert training, including how the critical sub-topics of resilience, ethics, and communication can determine the level of your success.

In the addiction treatment industry, Jean inspires excellence and hope by sharing lessons learned from life’s challenges, including the affects of addiction within her family. Her personal mission is to defend an addict’s right to treatment, to be a catalyst for elevating awareness of this nationwide epidemic of addiction, to share personal experiences that will inspire others to a higher level of resilience, and to train industry leadership in ethical, effective methodologies for success.

Some of Jean’s favorite people are her audiences. She creates her presentations to not just INSPIRE EXCELLENCE, but to remind us that there is OPPORTUNITY in every situation, and because of that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. We just have to see it.

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