Transformational is how a recent audience member described Jean's keynote. A CEO, non-profit founder, and nationally certified recovery coach and life coach, Jean will work with you to determine your expected outcomes and tailor her keynote presentation to meet your goals. Jean's presentations will spark change through energy, experience and humor. Attendees will leave more mindful and re-energized, more purpose-driven and focused, and with practical knowledge they can use to hit the ground running!

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Inspiring and life-changing are words included in a post-session review by a coaching client. Working one-on-one with clients, Jean's coaching style is approachable but direct. She doesn't mince words and she doesn't waste time. When coaching is requested, there is a need, and her job is to help the client find a solution. Coaching is more about listening than talking, but communication is key. Goals are determined, strengths and weaknesses identified, and ideas and solutions surface from unexpected places.

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Spot on! Targeting your challenges, Jean's workshop training provides the opportunity to rediscover strengths and build from weakness. Jean's work begins with interviews with team members. She helps to develop a collaborative plan for transforming your organization. Jean will involve your team - those impacted and those impacting - to create an immediate sense of ownership. This new sense of purpose and pride will translate and transfer to your entire team and customer base.

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Work can be tough. Sometimes we have to get a little mud on our face to get the job done. But work should not be something we dread, hate or avoid, especially when it feels like our personal life is drowning us.

So WHAT REALLY MATTERS? It can be hard to prioritize personal and professional. This project over another. Pleasing others. All of this confusion causes stress and anxiety. It's real and it happens to most of us at one time or another.

When mental fitness is overlooked or undervalued, everyone is affected and success becomes more difficult. Why? Because personal distractions often mean employees are not fully engaged.

Effective leaders must be firing on all cylinders and those cylinders include personal and professional needs.

How can your corporate culture help your team address the realities of life? Is that your role?

Effective teams must draw from strengths in each team member to find success, assign responsibilities, and reach their goals.

Love, laughter, teamwork, family, along with mindfulness, purpose, patience, integrity, professionalism...all of these things contribute to the attitude and commitment of our employees and co-workers, and therefore to the degree of success reached.

The corporate culture is a tricky thing. It is by nature demanding and focused on outcomes, but it also needs to be a safe place for your people.

Jean provides creative solutions to promote stronger camaraderie, increased self-worth, and better outcomes for your team, your company, yourself.

Mental health - mental fitness. Sometimes it's nothing more than taking a minute to dance in the rain.


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