…from ZERO to CEO in 60!

A Reluctant CEOs Story of

Vision, Collaboration & Leadership 







“Jean Krisle is powerful!”


“Jean is magnetic, funny, and motivating. She skillfully draws in her audience, and then with no apologies, masterfully drives home the expert points that will help them meet their current challenges, improve their performance, and achieve their goals.


Before her presentation with Kroger Women’s Leadership, she worked closely with the event team to determine exactly what our goals were and what the audience needed. I highly recommend Jean as a speaker to any organization seeking to improve communication, strengthen teams, trigger optimism, and develop effective leaders.”

Amy Petersen Hill

Division Manager, Kroger

Enjoying a relatively calm life as a consultant and speaker in 2013, Jean’s future changed dramatically in a split-second of inspiration as she was driving down the 405 in Southern California.

She recognized a need, realized a solution, connected the dots, and ultimately sold her home to hit the road (as reported by Forbes) and left the calm life behind to launch and lead the 501c3 nonprofit 10,000 Beds as Founder & CEO.

Dedicating much of 2017 and 2018 to the 10,000 Beds outreach program #ontheroad4recovery, Jean and her husband are criss-crossing the nation while living full-time in a 40 foot logo-wrapped RV.

Under Jean’s leadership,10,000 Beds has become a nationally recognized force for change in the substance abuse, treatment and recovery industry. In the corporate world, Jean is a sought after speaker on the topics of leadership, collaboration and change management. In the substance abuse industry, Jean speaks on hope, self-respect, and reintegration after treatment. She loves speaking to audiences who need to be reminded the future is theirs and anything is possible.

“Big Blue” as Jean fondly calls her home on wheels, is her office, residence, and safe haven, but if you’d asked her 3 months before she sold her home if she would ever live in an RV, she would have laughed outright.

How can a person go from ZERO to CEO on the seemingly unsure foundation of a split second’s thought? It can happen. It does happen. The question is, are you prepared for when it does?

This is Jean’s story. It will inspire you and your team.

With content that will ignite new ways of thinking and doing, Jean’s ability to reach her audiences on a personal level is a reason she’s often invited back to speak again. Attendees leave with new information, new energy, and new motivation to be their very best version of themselves, personally and professionally.

From ZERO to CEO in 60? It happens. What will you do with YOUR split-second thought? 

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 Keynote & Training Modules

Thought Leader & Visionary


For decades Jean has motivated and empowered organizations worldwide to reach their goals and improve morale and performance by providing expert training in the strategic areas of leadership, communication, marketing and optimism.

An entrepreneur from the get-go, Jean recognized early in her career that working behind a desk 8-5 would always be a challenge, and that her ideas often went unheard in the corporate board room. She learned that to be successful, she had to speak up, reach out, and work with people who had strengths she did not; she had to be motivated and be able to motivate, and most importantly, she had to be committed to her goals, ethical in her practices, and enjoying the ride.

Representing 10,000 Beds, Inc. Jean is #ontheroad4recovery in 2017 and 2018 criss-crossing the country in her 40′ 5th wheel with the ETHOS Series, her signature program co-created with Recovery Brands. ETHOS is a nationwide one-day seminar series featuring topic experts and focused on ethical, transparent communications and business practices leading to increased transparency and efficiency in the workplace, as well as greater personal success.


Jean is an empowering speaker who delivers current and relevant content masterfully as she weaves life experience, humor, current data, and her audience’s interests into her presentations. She is entertaining, yet down to earth; optimistic, yet realistic, and powerful, yet approachable.

Jean’s goal is to teach us to build bridges to help us more easily share our truth, join the conversation, and ask for help.

Jean has experienced motivation that leads to commitment – in personal and business relationships and when setting and working toward goals. Cultivating and understanding what motivates individuals, partners, and leaders can drive your business to new levels. Increased commitment within your team builds respect, and takes success levels to new highs.

Not only has Jean led local organizations for decades, owned a successful consulting business, and started a nationally recognized non-profit organization, she understands personally a level of commitment many will never see. She’s “all in” and living on the road in a 5th wheel. How did that happen? Invite her to speak and you’ll be inspired by her story.


Jean walks the talk.

In 2013, Jean was consulting in the addiction treatment industry and recognized an opportunity. Instead of turning away clients without resources, she communicated an idea to owners of treatment centers to provide treatment for those who could not pay: she wanted to create a nonprofit program that would provide scholarships to those in need, using the empty beds.

Since then, hundreds of treatment centers across the country have offered scholarships in collaboration with the nonprofit Jean started in 2014: 10,000 Beds, Inc. (10000beds.org). Through 10,000 Beds, Jean connected those who need help with those who can help. 

In 2016, the first full year of operation, 10,000 Beds, Inc. awarded more than $1,000,000 in scholarships for addiction treatment. 

10,000 Beds will more than double this achievement in 2017, thanks to the generous sponsors and partners who contribute scholarships, support and encouragement.

Jean is #ontheroad4recovery touring the country for 10,000 Beds in 2017 and 2018.

 A Global Perspective

Jean travels worldwide as a consultant and keynote speaker.

In NEPAL, she was privileged to work with a CHOICE Humanitarian team and teach basic business and marketing principles to rural villagers.

In CHILE, she was honored to participate with Atlas Network in exclusive interviews with the infamous “Chicago Boys” as part of the ongoing mission to advance the cause of liberty.

In ITALY, she conducted research for her upcoming books AhHa! Moment #147 and Let’s Talk!, examining connection, collaboration, optimism, and creativity as critical for sustainable success.

In EL SALVADOR, she was shot at for crossing the border in a camper van without paying the unofficial “border fee”. (She survived; you can still hire her!)

Likeable, Fun & Charismatic


  • “When a warm personality is needed, we want Jean there.”
    • WASHINGTON D.C – CEO Brad Lips of Atlas Network handcrafted this phrase for Jean’s VP of Communications job description.
  • “I’ve never seen anyone with Jean’s ability to smile and put someone squarely in their place, and then get a smile back as if the person had received a compliment.”
    • CALIFORNIA – Dan Corcoran, CAPRE, after repeatedly observing Jean’s negotiating skills at the board table.
  • “You have to know that while there are many, many wonderful people in the world, you are in a unique class of people who shine a little more and stand out a little more. I could listen to you for hours .”
  • “How do you do that? You’re such a natural!”
    • NORTH CAROLINA – CEO Jane Shaw, after watching Jean ramp up, ask for, and receive a six-figure contribution to the The Pope Center in a single, first-time visit to a globally-known corporate CEO.

A Few of Jean’s Clients